ITEM - 101 Olsen's Handmade Danish Butter Cookies - 5 Dozen
Five Dozen of our delicious cookies are packed into an attractive tub. Six different varieties: Coconut, Chocolate Chip, Cinnamon, Almond, Oatmeal and Marble, freshly packed and specially sealed. Fresh delivery guaranteed.


ITEM - 102 Olsen's Danish Almond Kringle
A must for any morning or afternoon coffee break. Ideal for every special occasion and will serve up to 10-12 people. As seen on Food Network's Kid In A Candy Store


ITEM - 103 Olsen's 7 Sisters Butter Ring Coffee Cake
A delightful Danish coffee cake filled with the goodness of almond and custard. A coffee cake for any occasion.





ITEM - 104 Luxury Kringle
Olsen's fourth generation world renowned signature coffee cake. Serve 30-35 people adding marzipan plaque with a special message. Try it with Chocolate on top. As seen on Food Network's Kid In A Candy Store. Pre-order, Available for shipping. Prices vary by weight.


ITEM - 105 Rugbrod - Danish Rye Pumpernickel Plain or With Sunflowers Seeds
Danish Rye Bread in Solvang is pumpernickel. A dense dark rye plain or with sunflowers seed sliced thin, it is great for open face sandwich or with butter and parmesan cheese. Pop a slice into a toaster oven for a few minutes - delicious! A recipe for a healthy attitude toward life.


ITEM - 106 Sigtebrog Danish Light Rye
Danish Light Rye has all the taste of regular Danish Rye but without the caraway seeds. This bread is wonderful; light and soft inside. Ideal with cheeses.





ITEM - 107 Onion Cheese Bread
Delicious served as an appetizer or with soup, salads. Makes a great sandwich, Sprinkled with cheese on top plus cheddar cheese, poppy seeds, onion and a touch of garlic.
ITEM - 108 Scandinavian Dark Limpa Bread
Thick crumbed bread flavored with caraway seeds and oranges zest, and makes great toast just like Grandma used to make
ITEM - 109 Scandinavian Cardamom Bread
Sweet and rustic. This bread calls to you in the night! Made with cardamom spice is excellent and a cold glass of milk
ITEM - 110 Danish Style Raisin Bread
Raisin bread the way it is meant to be with Cardamom spice, California raisins and topped with granulated sugar just waiting for the toaster.
ITEM - 111 Cinnamon Swirl Bread
Is it time for breakfast yet? Makes delightful toast! Order without icing and use in your favorite French toast recipe.
ITEM - 112 T -Birkets or Almond Crossants
Topped with poppy seeds and a touch of almond in between sets the stage for a wonderful morning treat Pre-order. Available for shipping.
ITEM - 113 Winerbrod Danish Pastries
An array of fillings including Almond, Cream Cheese, Custard, Raspberry, Apricot and Almond Filed Bear Claws.
ITEM - 114 Cinnamon Crips and Danish Waffles
Danish Crisp is made from Olsen's light puff pastry. Pre-order. Available for shipping. Danish waffles are filled with raspberry jam and butter cream..

ITEM - 115 Assortment of Fine Danish Delight "In store Only"
A true delight featuring an assortment almond horn, Raspberrry tart, Sarah Bernhart, to Princess Waffle and many more.

ITEM -116 Danish Style Apple Strudel
Olsen's delectable Danish pastry dough surrounds fresh apples and cinnamon adorned with powdered sugar.
ITEM - 117 Danish Fruit Strip
Your choose from our assortment of flavors: Apricot, Blueberry, Raspberry, Custard, Cream Cheese, Lemon and Cherry. Prices vary by weight.
ITEM - 118 Kransekage or Almond Ring Cake
A true traditional Danish Kransekage for a wedding, anniversary, birthday. You name the special occasion and Olsen's Danish Village Bakery will make it for you! As seen on Food Network's " Kid In A Candy Store." Pre-order. Available for shipping. Prices vary by weight.
ITEM - 119 Danish Delight Tray
An assortment of fancy handmade pastries includes Almond Hats, Owl Eyes, Almond Horn, Coconut Squares, Pistachio Squares, and other delight cookies.
ITEM - 120 Pettifour Tray
Perfect treat with tea or coffee. Featuring our premier filling, each accenting our Pettifours from butter cream to chocolate ganache. Available during the winter season . For shipping November through April.
ITEM - 121 Homemade Style Jams Raspberry, Apricot. "Ground Shipping"
A perfect blend of real fruit. Ideal for toast, pancakes, French toast. Available in raspberry and Apricot.
ITEM - 122 Brunekage or Ginger Snaps "winter season only
A holiday treat. made thin and crispy in a wafer style topped with Almond slivers. It's Christmas as Ginger Snaps from Olsen's. Available During the Holiday.
ITEM - 123 Hard Rolls
Hard Rolls (Topped with poppy seeds, sesame seeds or plain) half or full baked.
ITEM - 124 Christmas Ginger House
Fun for the entire family! Celebrate the holiday with a festive Gingerbread house from Olsen's Danish Village Bakery. (Holiday season and in store only)