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Welcome To Olsen's Danish Village Bakery

in the quaint village of Aeroscobing Denmark in the year 1890, there live a master baker named Ole Olsen.
OLE and his wife had a son. They named him Herluf, and liked his father, he grew up to be a master baker.
HERLUF married, and soon his wife gave birth to a son. He was named Bent, and like his father and grandfather, Bent  also became a master baker. In the year 1970, bent Olsen crossed the seas to another quaint village, known as the Danish Capital of America" Nestled in the beautiful hills of California, it is called Solvang, meaning "sunny meadows".
IT IS THERE in Solvang that the family recipes  of four generations of Olsen Bakers are found, at Bent Olsen's Danish Village Bakery and Coffee Shop. Among the pastries, breads  and other treats.

Danish Cake "kransekage"


Kransekage and Almond Custard Kringle As featured on food network "Kid in a candy store"

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Fourth Generation Danish Master Baker

olsens bakery The Danes who founded Solvang in 1910 reshaped the landscape with their architecture and social institutions. While their windmills and quaint shops continue to draw visitors and serve residents nearly a century later, it's not only the cityscape that commands passionate allegiance, but the town's pastries, those irresistible confections that perfume the air with cinnamon, spice and fresh baked goodness.

Since 1970, Bent and Susy Olsen, owners of Olsen's Danish Village Bakery, have contributed to that ambient aroma, turning out kringles, cakes, cookies and breads from recipes perfected by Bent's great-grandfather.

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Most Popular

  • Almond Custard Kringle Our bakery is best know for our delicious coffee cake "Kringle". filled with almond paste, custard and raisins. As featured on food network "kid in a candy store"
  • Butter Ring or Seven Sisters Another Olsen's signature coffee cake Butter Ring or Seven Sisters. Filled with almond paste and custard cream.
  • Danish Pastries Filled with, pine apple custard cream, apple, strawberry, apricot, cinnamon, raspberry, cherry, cream cheese, blueberry, lemon, custard.
  • Pumpernickel Bread Olsen's famous whole grain pumpernickel. A healthy attitude toward life recipe with old-fashioned natural sourdough starter, has through 3 generations made our whole grain pumpernickel a desired and popular bread. try it toasted with butter and parmesan cheese or cold cuts.
  • Butter CookiesCookie tub assortment, each tub contain 5 dozen coockies with 6 different flavors, Almond, coconut, aotmeal, chocolate vanilla swirl and cinnamon
  • Cardamom BreadSweet and rustic. This bread calls to you in the night! made with cardamom spice is good with jam or honey and a cold glass of milk
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Filled with almond paste Custard cream and raisins.
Butter ring or Seven sisters
The perfect coffee cake, Almond paste, custard cream.
Danish pastries
Filled with, pine apple custard cream, apple, strawberry, apricot, cinnamon, raspberry, cherry, cream cheese, blueberry, lemon, custard.
Butter cookies
Our famous butter cookies ideal for a family gift or any special occasion.
Delight try
Delight yourself or your love ones with our famous delight tray. Napoleon hat cookie, owl eyes cookie, shell cookie dipped in chocolate, coconut cookie and coconut macaroon.
Pettifour tray
Pettifour tray,Chocolate crecent, marzipan log, chocolate mocha twirl, and raspberry vanilla pettifou
Almond raspberry tart
Almond, raspberry.
Danish waffle
Crisp cookie filled with raspberry and whipped cream.
swedish delight
Whipped cream almonds, chocolate
Cream puff
custad cream, whipped cream.

The Award Winning Bakery


Olsen's bakery is the winner of four gold cups, blue ribbon for best breads.

Named by the sunset magazine as one of the best bakeries in the west.